VXS Develop. System

By Comtel Electronics GmbH

VXS Develop. System


  • VXS test and development platform
  • High-speed switched serial performance of VITA 41 in a versatile 8-slot benchtop system
  • Patented open-frame design eliminates extender boards
  • Hybrid backplane supports VXS and VME64x boards
  • High-speed backplane >3.125 Gbps per link
  • Dual-switches allow testing of both link ports
  • Voltage, current. and temperature monitoring
  • Margin control for +5 and +3.3 volt outputs
  • High pressure cooling supports up to 100 W per slot
  • 350 watt, N+1, or 700 watt operation
  • Plugging power supplies with PFC and hot-swap
  • IEEE 1101.10/11 compliant steel subracks eliminate flex
  • Adjustable rear cardcage for 60, 80, and 100 mm boards

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