XMC-620 Cisco Router XMC

By Curtiss-Wright

The Curtiss-Wright XMC-620 is a small form factor XMC mezzanine module optimized to provide all the power and versatility of Cisco IOS running as an Embedded Services Router (ESR). With up to 4 GbE ports, the XMC-620 XMC Cisco Router can connect multiple modules or radios to provide LAN and WAN connectivity. The extensive feature set of Cisco IOS enables a wide range of traditional branch router functions including WAN routing, VPN endpoint services, firewall with intrusion prevention system (IPS) and call manager for telephony and unified communications.

XMC-620 Cisco Router XMC
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  • XMC form factor with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports for network connectivity
  • Cisco IOS Embedded Services Router with Advanced Enterprise Services feature set
  • IPv4/IPv6 routing including OSPF, EIGRP; multicast via MLD Proxy, PIM, IGMP
  • Radio-aware routing and MANET for dynamic mobile networks
  • IPSec, VPNs with Suite B encryption, DMVPN, GETVPN

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