By IEI Technology USA Corp.

QTS Gateway is an operating system designed specifically for IEI IPCs and fully inheriting the QNAP NAS operating system (QTS), breaking through the stereotype of IPCs of not having operating systems and saving unnecessary costs for installing servers and computers. ‘’TANK-860-QGW is the best way to get into cloud applications, especially in the aspect of operating system. With QNAP’s years of software experience and the built-in Virtualization Station, users can seamlessly migrate their current operating platform to the virtual machine (VM) in QTS Gateway, and directly connect to the cloud through various apps in QTS Gateway. Therefore, the three main goals of industrial IoT (IIOT) preventive maintenance and asset management can easily be achieved. ‘’ said Don Yu, Director of IEI. QTS Gateway not only allows easy monitoring of computer activity through its visualized interface, it also allows the use of many free application programs, making it multifunctional while challenging the values of traditional IPCs. The TANK-860-QGW is installed with an iRIS-2400 module so that it can utilize the IoT concept to perform remote control, including power management/control, remote KVM monitoring or sending alarm and warning information through e-mail or SMS.

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  • Intel® HM86 Chipset + 4th gen Intel® Coreâ„¢ CPU
  • Ruggedized and Wide Temp support: -20°C ~ 60°C
  • Great Flexibility of expansion slots:2-slot: 2 x PCIe by 16, 1x PCIe Mini slot4-slot: 2 x PCIe by 16, 2 x PCI, 2 x PCIe Mini slot6-slot: 1 x PCIe by 16, 2 x PCIe by 4, 3 x PCI, 2 x PCIe Mini slot
  • Three independent video outputs (DP,VGA, DVI-I) supports high resolution
  • Remote visualization system and remote device manager
  • Integrated cloud management
  • Multiple OS Support: Windows / Linux / UNIX

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