MCS-2080 Media Cloud Server

By ADLINK Technology, Inc.

The ADLINK MCS-2080 provides a modular architecture, is designed for media applications, and offers mass data processing capabilities. The MCS-2080 leverages ADLINK’s MICA (Modular Industrial Cloud Architecture) hybrid design for compute nodes, supporting the installation of either eight 1/4-width dual-system, dual-processor nodes (Intel® Core™ i3/i5/i7 processors or Intel® Xeon® processor E3), or four 1/2-width single-system, dual-processor nodes (Intel® Xeon® processor E5), or a combination of both. The Intel® Core™/Intel® Xeon® processor E3 systems have built-in hardware acceleration units for video processing and are suitable for handling video transcoding and analytics tasks. The Intel® Xeon® processor E5 systems provide high performance computing ideal for big data tasks. The MCS-2080 supports the IPMI 2.0 specification to provide web-based intelligent system management, as well as support for Serial over LAN (SOL) on compute nodes. Dual redundant power supply units include power health monitoring and abnormal situation alert using the IPMI interface. In addition, designers can speed up product development with ADLINK’s MediaManager, which enables prototyping for frequently used video server functions, and open source software from OpenStack and Apache YARN ecosystems, a big data-ready platform. 

MCS-2080 Media Cloud Server
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  • 16 systems (MCN-1500 compute node) or 4 systems (MCN-2600T compute node), hybrid combinations supported
  • Supports Intel® Quick Sync Video (GT4e graphics) with hardware assisted H.265/VP9 transcoding
  • Dual redundant switch nodes, each providing 16x 1G internal links to compute nodes and 4x 10G uplinks
  • 8x PCIe x8 slots to meet expansion requirements
  • ADLINK MediaManager for end-to-end video server prototyping to speed-up product development
  • IPMI 2.0 with SOL and web-based management interface
  • Adaptive fan speed and intelligent power supply monitoring

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