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FMC-Servo a FMC card with Eight 16-bit, 500 kSPS A/D Channels Eight 16-Bit D/A Channels with on-board PLL, The FMC-SERVO module features eight simultaneously sampling A/D and DACs. Low latency SAR A/D and fast-settling DACs support real-time servo control applications.


  • Eight A/D Input Channels 500 kSPS, 16-bit A/D Differential, Gain Programmable
  • Eight D/A Output Channels 0.5Î?s Settling Time, 16-bit D/A ± 10V Output Range
  • Sample clocks and timing and controls 10 MHz, ±250 ppb stability on- board reference Programmable PLL Programmable Clock Frequency as low as 3.05 kHz Integrated with FMC triggers
  • FMC module, VITA 57.1 High Pin Count no SERDES required Compatible with 2.5V VADJ Power monitor and controls
  • 8W typical Conduction Cooling per VITA 20 subset
  • Environmental ratings for -40° to 85°C, 9g RMS sine, 0.1g2/Hz random vibration
  • Applications Industrial Instrumentation Systems Real-Time Control Systems
  • Sensor Data Recording and Playback Machine Learning Systems

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