By Schroff Pentair

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  • 3U MicroTCA shelf designed for maximum configuration flexibility
  • The backplane supports up to 10x single, full-size AdvancedMCs, 2x MCHs, and 2x 12HP power modules
  • 3U x 19" rack-mountable
  • Backplane supports 2x MCH slots, 2x PM slots, 10x AdvancedMC full-size slots, and 2x CU connectors (see topology sheet for more information)
  • Active cooling via 2x front pluggable Cooling Units (CU) with EMMC on board with air flow from right to left
  • Front removable air filter
  • 4x splitters to allow customization of double slots into 2x single slots
  • Custom configurations available upon request

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