Thermal Load Board

By Comtel Electronics GmbH

Thermal Load Board


  • Designed for analysis of cooling efficiency of AdvancedTCA chassis
  • Front and RTM loads
  • Managed over IPMB from the ShMC
  • Front - Power dissipation up to 200 W
  • RTM - Power dissipation up to 30 W
  • Front power set in six zones to model the location of power-dissipating components on the board
  • RTM power set in two zones
  • Three temperature sensors on the front board
  • One temperature sensors on the RTM
  • Airflow measured at three points on the front board
  • Airflow measured at single point on the RTM
  • Setting zones power dissipation using IPMI Command
  • Baffles set airflow impedance to 35% open (front) and 40% open (rear)
  • Allows full NEBS – ETSI thermal compliance testing without risk to expensive operational boards
  • Provides interference free airflow measurements at every slot
  • Provides for testing with boards of varying airflow impedance
  • Provides for testing slots with different load powers
  • Provides cooling analysis over six main and two RTM heat zones

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