ATCA CO5 - 5 Slot 5U

By Comtel Electronics GmbH

ATCA CO5 - 5 Slot 5U


  • AdvancedTCA 5U, 5 slot Horizontal Central Office Shelf
  • 19" rack mounted or desktop 5U system with redundant PPS M500 Or Motorola M100 ShMC, redundant PEM and redundant cooling
  • 19" 5 slot horizontal Main and RTM
  • 5 slot 10 Gbps Backplane, with replicated full mesh fabric connections
  • Redundant PPS ShMC M500 Or Motorola M100 ShMC
  • Redundant EMC filtered power feeds
  • Main and RTM push-pull cooling with hot-swap redundant fan trays
  • Fully PICMG 3.0 Rev 2.0 compatible
  • Designed for compliance to NEBS and EN levels
  • Highly efficient packaging with greater than 200W per slot (RTM 30 W)
  • Predictive failure analysis reduces cost of ownership
  • Quiet fans under no-failure conditions
  • High reliability, availability, and serviceability

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