ES2116, 2117, 2118

By Acromag, Inc.

New Ethernet I/O blocks isolate, monitor, and control 48 discrete signals with redundant communication


  • Fully isolated between all circuits: Inputs, outputs, alarm, network ports, enclosure, and power are isolated from each other for safety and noise immunity
  • High-density stackable unit: Stacked mounting puts a lot of I/O in a very small footprint to save panel space
  • Modbus TCP/IP or UDP/IP protocol: I/O functions as slave to host controller
  • Peer-to-peer i2o communication: Inputs to one unit automatically actuate outputs on another over Ethernet link
  • Channel-to channel input isolation: Inputs provide high- or low-side sensing for AC or DC circuits
  • Automatic change of state detection: Inputs detect quick momentary changes of state that occur between polling
  • Logic inversion (i2o only): Active high inputs can switch remote peer-to-peer outputs on or off
  • Change-of-state or timed updates: Event-driven updates transmit data in less than 10 ms between peers with i2o
  • 10 Modbus TCP/IP sockets/sessions: Multiple masters can talk to an EtherStax unit at the same time
  • Local alarm function: Dedicated failsafe relay is controlled via watchdog timer and link-loss conditions
  • Heavy-duty 5A relays: 16 SPST outputs provide high/low-side 5 A switching up to 250 Vac or 30 Vdc

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