ATCA 10GbE System

By Radisys Corporation

AdvancedTCA 10 GbE traffic management and security system delivers very high performance deep packet inspection capabilities to allow TEMs to rapidly develop and deploy content-aware platforms

ATCA 10GbE System


  • -Deep Packet Inspection for Content-Aware Infrastructure
  • Pre-Packaged with Trillium Protocol Software
  • Deep Packet Inspection: Multi-core, multi-threaded MIPS64 processor-Integrated 10 Gbps security acceleration engine
  • Packet inspection & distribution engine
  • 10Gbps front & rear I/O using low cost SFP+
  • 10GbE PICMG 3.1.9 backplane fabric
  • Switching:
  • PICMG 3.1 base and PICMG 3.1.9 fabric Layer 2 switch
  • Switch provides 10 GbE links to each payload blade Very low switching latency: 200ns, up to 20x better than previous generations
  • Platform: 12U: 20 - 400 Million packets per second (10 Gbps - 200 Gbps) 5U: 20 - 160 Million packets per second (10 Gbps - 80 Gbps)
  • Networking Protocols:Trillium SIP and Diameter optimized for XLR732 line card
  • Tunneling and Security: GTP, GRE, IPsec
  • Layer 2 - 4 networking, IP, RTP, RIP, PPP, MPLS
  • Deep Packet Inspection for Content-Aware InfrastructurePre-Packaged with Trillium Protocol Software

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