Exosite multi-tenant cloud

By Exosite

Built on Exosite’s multi-tenant cloud infrastructure, the Victor Kill-@lert Remote Notification System enables restaurant owners, office managers and even home-owners to proactively address their rodent problems while reducing time spent manually checking traps. This combination of local wireless technology and Exosite’s scalable cloud-based software is powering Victor’s charge into the Internet of Things (IoT) generation of business.

Exosite multi-tenant cloud
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  • Built collaboratively using Victor’s pest-control industry expertise and Exosite’s robust IoT technology.
  • Allows facility managers to securely view multiple trap installation sites using Exosite’s flexible architecture.
  • Leverages Exosite’s One Platformâ„¢ to enable device and data management, real-time alerts and comprehensive API access.
  • Provides Exosite’s Portalsâ„¢ web user interface so users can easily add contacts, review system performance and generate reports.
  • Victor Kill-@lert Remote Notification System provides an unprecedented level of detailed control to facility managers and pest control operators.
  • Traps communicate wirelessly to a central USB gateway that can be plugged into any computer with an Internet connection.
  • Notifications are truly remote, enabling users to monitor traps from across the globe.
  • Reduces manual checking of traps in difficult-to-reach places around homes or businesses.

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