LiquidIO® Server Adapters

By Cavium Networks

LiquidIO Server Adapter family enables data centers to rapidly deploy high performance SDN applications for both installed and new infrastructure while clearly enhancing server utilization, response times and network agility. This product family, in a standard server compliant half-height PCI Express form-factor, provides a proven, high-performance, general-purpose programmable adapter platform that enables cloud service providers to offload any functionality in Data Center.

LiquidIO® Server Adapters
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  • Supports VXLAN, NVGRE, STT, IPsec and customoverlay stacks
  • Supports Open vSwitch, Openow compatible
  • Integrated networking and System I/O: 10 GbE, PCIe Gen2
  • IP Tables, Encapsulation, Trac Management
  • Highest levels of integration
  • • General purpose programmability with 10GbpsNetworking & Security support
  • Crypto support
  • Supports Open vSwitch, Openow compatible

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