PAS 9417/AO

By Precision Analog Systems (PAS)

PAS 9417/AO
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  • A 16-channel, 80 V, 50 mA 6U VME amplifier card
  • Provides 16 high-power amplifier circuits on a 6U VME card
  • Custom versions allow tailoring of the gain and output drive
  • 16 amplified channels with a gain of 2.4
  • Other gains available as custom options
  • Output drive of up to ± 35 V and ± 50 mA
  • External supply voltage of ± 10 V to ± 40 V
  • Allows either onboard or external power supplies
  • Onboard DC-to-DC power supplies available
  • Output slew rate of 7 V per microsecond
  • Two optional front-panel status LEDs driven by the PAS 9716/AO digital card
  • DB37 input and output connectors
  • Amplifier input and output signals available on P2 as an option

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