MVME250x Series

By Artesyn Embedded Technologies

MVME250x Series
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  • VME SBC with Freescale QorIQ P2010 or P2020 processor
  • Processor delivers an impressive performance-to-power ratio with single- or dual-core frequencies up to 1.2 GHz at less than 8W
  • Up to 2GB DDR3 and 512KB non-volatile MRAM
  • Connectivity includes Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2, serial, SATA
  • Single PMC/XMC site on MVME2500 variant
  • MVME2502 variant has 8GB soldered eMMC and two PMC/XMC sites
  • Conformal coating available
  • Optional rear transition module
  • Optional hard drive mounting kit

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