Merlin ExpressCard XV620

By Novatel Wireless, Inc.

EV-DO data networks are becoming common as wireless network providers improve their data network capability

Merlin ExpressCard XV620


  • Adding the ability to connect to this network in existing laptops and embedded computing devices already equipped with PCI ExpressCard support gives them access to previously unavailable high-speed data networks
  • Novatel Wireless' new Merlin ExpressCard XV620 ExpressCard products address an urgent need presented by the mobile computing market
  • Many notebook manufacturers have commercially available products that incorporate a slot for this new standard, and many other manufacturers will soon be releasing notebooks that offer this slot
  • The ExpressCard standard is the next generation of PC card technology that allows notebook computer users to add new hardware capabilities
  • This ExpressCard is the first PCI ExpressCard/34 solution available on the market that incorporates EV-DO technology (backward compatible with CDMA legacy technology) offering Internet connection speeds up to 2.4 Mbps

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