Monnit Mine

By Monnit Corporation

Monnit Mine™ is an open software platform that provides the ability to integrate Monnit wireless sensors and gateways with your own software system. Monnit wireless gateways can be unlocked, allowing them to be directed to a custom host or IP address, where an installation of Monnit Mine works as a translation application between Monnit wireless sensors networks and existing or custom software applications.

Monnit Mine
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  • Has API in standard programming languages for easy integration(currently .Net / Java – other languages coming soon.)
  • Can be setup and receiving data in just a few minutes
  • Implements broad range of sensors and gateways into existing monitoring solution instead of having to implement one sensor at a time
  • Provides worldwide hardware offering with single software implementation
  • Maintains data security and integrity with strong encryption algorithms
  • Offers licenses available for customer specific applications as well as partner packaged applications

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