Model 71624

By Pentek, Inc.

The Model 71624 dual channel, 34 signal, adaptive IF (Intermediate Frequency) relay XMC with a Virtex-6 FPGA. As an IF relay, it accepts two IF analog input channels, modifies up to 34 signals, and then delivers them to two analog IF outputs. Any signal within each IF band can be independently enabled or disabled, and changed in both frequency and amplitude as it passes through the module. The Model 71624 supports many useful functions including signal drop/add/replace, frequency shifting and hopping, amplitude equalization, and bandwidth consolidation.

Model 71624
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  • Modifies 34 IF signals between input and output
  • Up to 80 MHz IF bandwidth
  • Two 200 MHz 16-bit A/Ds
  • Two 800 MHz 16-bit D/As
  • 34 DDCs and 34 DUCs (digital downconverters and digital upconverters)
  • Signal drop/add/replace
  • Frequency shifting and hopping
  • Amplitude boost and attenutation
  • PCI Express Gen 1: x4 or x8
  • Synchronize up to eight modules with Model 7893 System Synchronization and Distribution Amplifier – PCIe
  • Model 8266 SPARK Development System for Flexor (FMC), Onyx (Xilinx Virtex-7) and Cobalt (Xilinx Virtex-6) PCIe Boards

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