CoreFire Next

By Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc.

The CoreFire Next Design Suite (compatible with all Annapolis Virtex™ 7 and Altera Stratix® V FPGA processor and I/O boards) is a dataflow-based development system that brings new levels of ease and speed to FPGA programming on Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc. high-performance motherboards, I/O cards, and mezzanine cards.

CoreFire Next
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  • Build Designs for FPGAs on WILDâ„¢ Boards
  • Works from High Level, Data Flow Concept of the Application
  • Combines GUI Design Entry and Debug Tools with Tested, Optimized CoreFire Nextâ„¢ IP Cores
  • Drag and Drop High and Low Level Modules
  • CoreFire Nextâ„¢ Modules Incorporate Years of Application Development Experience – Highly Optimized and Tested
  • CoreFire Nextâ„¢ Tools and Modules are Intelligent
  • Modules Automatically Handle Synchronization
  • Manage Clocks and Other Low Level Hardware Signals
  • Guarantee Correct Control by Design Modules “Know Howâ€? to Interact with Each Other
  • Board Support Packages Incorporate Hardware Details of the Boards – Invisible to Users
  • Single Precision Floating Point, Integer and Floating Point Complex Data Types and Array Types. Provides Java File

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