By Mercury Systems



  • A series of digital receivers
  • FPGA-based
  • Available in 6U VME and 6U VXS form factors, with options for digital receivers and transceivers covering multiple frequency bands
  • Extracts clear signals from electronic clutter
  • Forms a bridge between the realms of analog signals and digital processing
  • Two of the new Echotek Series ECV4-4 digital receivers can be configured together to enable coherent processing of eight data channels, doubling the channels available for beamforming applications
  • Dedicated I/O allows two boards to combine data to achieve simultaneous and coherent access to eight individual inputs, enabling application developers to addressthe problem in SIGINT and Air Traffic Control radar of getting wideband data from eight antenna elements to the same place at the same time for beamforming
  • Sold as a standalone module or as part of the Mercury PowerStream series

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