WILDSTAR G2 Dual 1.6/2.7/4.0GSps 12-Bit

By Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc.

The WILDSTAR G2 Dual 1.6/2.7/4.0GSps 12-Bit ADC Mezzanine Card provides high fidelity and high speed analog-to-digital conversion along with a rugged design. This card is compatible with WILDSTAR 7 and WILDSTAR A5 mainboards.


  • Provides two channels of synchronized high bandwidth, high performance ADC channels.
  • ADCs have built-in DDC/NCO/Decimation features which reduces FPGA resources
  • Eight High-Speed JESD204B Serial Data Lanes per ADC
  • Six 50â„? SMA Front Panel Connectors
  • Software selectable Clock Source
  • On-Board Temperature Sensors for ADCs

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