PowerStream 6100 VXS Starter Kit

By Mercury Systems

A fully integrated multicomputer packaged with a complete set of software development tools, ready out-of-the-box for application development

PowerStream 6100 VXS Starter Kit


  • Integrated set of VXS hardware modules for processing, I/O, and RapidIO switch fabric communications
  • Serial RapidIO VXS (VITA 41.2) chassis
  • Software development tools for creating and debugging real-time multiprocessor applications, including algorithm and data movement APIs
  • Infrastructure code that demonstrates the data flow through the system, starting at the ADCs and ending with Ethernet output of processed results
  • Ideal for radar, SIGINT, ELINT, and industrial signal processing applications
  • Complete, integrated VXS RapidIO system configuration
  • Full set of multicomputing software tools
  • Sample code for managing data flow
  • MULTI IDE, TATL, Supervisor, SAL, and PAS software development tools pre-installed
  • One, two, or three high compute density (HCD) modules deliver processing power from four MPC7448 PowerPC processors per module
  • The two switch card modules enable interboard serial RapidIO connections using six 8-port serial RapidIO crossbars in a two-level hierarchy
  • System expandable to 68 PowerPCs and 42 GBps interprocessor bandwidth

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