LiquidSecurity HSM Family

By Cavium Networks

LiquidSecurity Hardware Security Module Family is a FIPS 140-2 level 2 and level 3 certified solution that provides elastic and centralized key management and key operation functionality

LiquidSecurity HSM Family
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  • 32 partitioned HSMs in a single physical HSM, 50,000 key store independent of key size, 35,000 2048b RSA ops/sec and chaining of up to 20 Appliances
  • addresses requirements from few hundred RSA ops/sec or few key stores to 700K RSA ops/sec or 1M key store
  • Available as a PCI Express adapter with complete software or a network HSM appliance
  • Addresses the stringent security requirements of SaaS applications, ecommerce payment systems and Enterprise, Banking and Government security applications especially as they migrate to the Public or Private cloud
  • Major applications for this product family include Key Management as-a-Service, Database as-a-Service, Crypto as-a-service, Secure DNS, SaaS Applications and Virtual Private Clouds in the Public Cloud
  • Cavium provides LiquidSecurity Client which supports cryptographic APIs such as PKCS11, Java JCA, OpenSSL, Microsoft CNG thus enabling applications such as Crypto As A Service, Database encryption, Document signing and many others
  • Cavium’s management tools, High Availability and Load balancing features and restful APIs enable customers to integrate the appliance with their existing management tools

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