WILDSTAR G2 Dual 1.5 GSps 12-Bit ADC & D

By Annapolis Micro Systems, Inc.

The WILDSTAR G2 Dual 1.5 GSps 12-Bit ADC & DAC Mezzanine Card was designed from the ground up for latency sensitive DRFM applications. The Board Support Interface, which is available in VHDL or CoreFire Application Design Suite, was also designed from the beginning to be suited for DRFM applications. This interface provides a Digital Bypass Mode to achieve the lowest possible latency and a Fabric Space Mode to allow the user to do additional processing and manipulation of the ADC data before returning it out the DAC.

WILDSTAR G2 Dual 1.5 GSps 12-Bit ADC & D
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  • Dual Channel ADCs and DACs running at up to 1500MSps each at 12-bits
  • Sample Rate: 300 – 1500MHz
  • ADC and DAC Resolution: 12 bits
  • Two Analog Inputs
  • Two Analog Outputs
  • One High Precision Trigger Input
  • One External Clock Input
  • Integrated Heatsink and EMI/Crosstalk Shields
  • Software-selectable external clock input or onboard clock
  • All ADCs on a mezzanine card are synchronized to the same sample
  • All ADCs across multiple mezzanine cards can be synchronized to the same sample using

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