By Artesyn Embedded Technologies

Combining a powerful Intel® Xeon® processor with up to 40 Octasic OCT2224M multi-core DSPs, the Artesyn ATCA-8330 blade is the industry’s highest density media processing blade. This enables network equipment providers to implement complete solutions such as session border controllers, VoLTE, video optimization or video conferencing with less blades and therefore less cost.

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  • High performance Intel® Xeon® server combined with up to 40 power-efficient DSPs for accelerated media processing
  • Single slot AdvancedTCA form factor media processing engine
  • Similar architecture to server-based element eases porting and maintenance
  • Comprehensive voice and video processing firmware and programmers interface included
  • Hardware and software platform to support VoLTE and Media Resource Function
  • Designed for NEBS Level 3 and ETSI telecom standards compliance

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