By General Standards Corporation


  • High-performance Serial I/O (to 10 Mbps) with Deep FIFOs
  • The CPCI-SIO4ARHM and its transition module make a four channel full-duplex RS-422/485 serial board set
  • Each serial channel of the CPCI-SIO4ARHM can operate up to 10 Mbps in synchronous mode
  • Optional 32 Kbyte FIFO buffer for both transmit and receive (256 KB Total FIFOs) data on each channel provides for a smooth and efficient interface between the serial interfaces and the host computer
  • The board is based on the Zilog Z16C30 high speed Integrated Universal Serial Controller (USC), which supports Asynchronous, Isochronous, Bisync, Monosync, HDLC, SDLC, External Sync, and Nine-Bit protocols
  • The USC chip provides full duplex operation with baud rate generators, digital phase-locked loop for clock recovery and a full duplex DMA interface
  • One of the rear transition module is required and is priced separately
  • The module is available with RS-422/485 or RS-232 transceivers

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