By Comtel Electronics GmbH

The new flagship 14-slot chassis is Comtel’s “4th Generation” and the latest in high performance platforms for ATCA! Appropriately named, CO14-G4, this Chassis is a 14U height 14 slot AdvancedTCA® chassis supports full mesh, dual star and dual-dual star topologies backplanes it is DC powered and has front-to-back cooling

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  • 450W or 600W per slot Cooling Options
  • Ultra high performance Air-/-Plane backplane supporting
  • 40 Gbps and now 100 Gbps "ready'!
  • Dual Star, Dual-Dual Star, Full Mesh topologies
  • 19" 14U Rackmount chassis
  • Accommodates 14, ATCA boards and RTMs
  • Redundant Pigeon Point Based Shelf Manager
  • 4 redundant Power Entry Modules (A1+ A2 and B1 + B2) toaccommodate up to 800W per slot
  • Pull cooling with 4 hot-swappable redundant fan trays with excellent airflow distribution
  • The newcooling system pumps 1250cfm of air through the chassis
  • High Reliability Bussed or Radial IPMB

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