MicroTCA.4 Cube System with MicroRTM

By Schroff Pentair

The MicroTCA.4 cube system is for desktop or bench top use in demanding Test & Measurement applications. The MTCA.4 specification, developed by the advanced physics community, incorporates the MicroRTM section as well as other features.

MicroTCA.4 Cube System with MicroRTM
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  • In accordance with PICMG MTCA.4 R1.0 specification
  • 5 U, 42 HP cube system for 6 double midâ€?size and 1 double fullâ€?size AdvancedMC modules, 1 double fullâ€?size MCH and 1 double fullâ€?size power module
  • 6 rear transition module slots for double midâ€?size modules and one slot for double fullâ€?size
  • Backplane with star topology, direct connections for Sâ€?ATA/SAS, clock and trigger lines as per PICMG MTCA.4
  • Clock topology to PICMG AMC.0 R2.0
  • Hotâ€?swap fan module with cooling unit manager (CU EMMC), airflow from bottom to top, fan speed for front and rear sections can be separately adjusted via MCH
  • Air filter, exchangeable from front

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