AdvancedMC Mini-System

By Schroff Pentair

This small form factor Mini System provides a platform to run 2 AMC modules without an MCH. Direct connection of all ports between both AMC slots support 10G data transfer rates. Power is activated by the AMC presence signal and supplied by an integrated 150w power supply with wide range AC input. The integrated cooling system manages fan speed and dissipates 150w at a 550C ambient temperature. This mini system is perfect for running AMCs without the added cost of an MCH or a Power Module.

AdvancedMC Mini-System
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  • Small, compact case to hold 2 single full-size AdvancedMC modules
  • With the optional 2 HP filler module, 2 single mid-size modules can also be fitted
  • 150 W cooling capacity at an ambient temperature of 55 °C, airflow from right to left, temperature-regulated fans
  • 90 - 264 VAC wide range input on rear of case, 150 W power supply in rear section of enclosure
  • Direct connection of all ports between both AdvancedMC slots (see backplane topology); data transfer rates up to 10 Gbps per port
  • The system can be stacked and is prepared for a mounting plate
  • Fan unit and fan filter are easy to replace
  • 12 VDC voltage is activated by the AdvancedMC module presence signal

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