ATCA Blades

By Artesyn Embedded Technologies

Artesyn closely follows the Intel® Embedded Roadmap for ATCA server blades, offering an optimized balance of performance, memory, I/O, and interfaces.

ATCA Blades
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  • ATCA-7480 QuadStarâ„¢ 40G Packet Processing/Server Blade
  • ATCA-7475 Packet Processing / Server Blade
  • ATCA-7470 40G Packet Processing / Server Blade
  • ATCA-7370 10G ATCA Server Blade
  • ATCA-7368 10G ATCA Server Blade
  • ATCA-7368-CE 10G ATCA Network Datacenter Server Blade
  • ATCA-7367 10G ATCA Server Blade
  • ATCA-7365 10G ATCA Server Blade
  • ATCA-7365-CE 10G ATCA Network Datacenter Server Blade
  • ATCA-7360 10G ATCA Server Blade

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