Micrium Spectrum

By Micrium

Micrium Spectrum addresses the chasm in software engineering at the cloud barrier. Most embedded developers program in C, understand how to interface with hardware and to meet real-time scheduling constraints. Most cloud based developers program in HTML, Java, C++, Ruby, etc. Both “worlds� don’t typically understand the other. This is where Micrium comes in.

Micrium Spectrum
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  • Solid software infrastructure, including a real-time kernel plus additional services like TCP/IP, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth stacks, as well as cloud services to facilitate development of IoT-ready devices
  • Runs on any processor architecture
  • Provides the necessary components allowing you to quickly bring connectivity to your embedded system
  • Helps embedded developers integrate with cloud-based enterprise solutions and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) such as SalesForce or SAP systems, while still meeting real-time requirements
  • Silicon vendor agnostic, allows design of proprietary and differentiated solutions
  • Facilitates the design of reliable, high-performance solutions
  • Available with a variety of licensing optionsMicrium

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