N200 uServer

By Nabto

The N200 uServer module from Nabto is a unique solution that provides both network connectivity and an Internet of Things (IoT)remote access platform all in just one module.Attach the module to your embedded design and you can remote access it from PCs, smartphones, and tablets, etc. All cloud services included.Use it as a transparent UART gateway or push your device data directly in realtime into the GUI of your end-users client devices.

N200 uServer
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  • Real-time HTML5 remote access solution as a chip or module
  • Deliver rich HTML5 cross-platform remote control apps for end-users in no time
  • Life-time cloud-services included
  • Built-in Ethernet MAC and PHY connectivity
  • Integrated IP-stack
  • State of the art security
  • Remote serial port option for transparent access to existing serial solutions
  • Fine grained access control
  • Hassle free upgrades via built-in bootloader
  • Remote data-read out to data-bases for advanced analytics via supplied integration SDKs

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