By Artesyn Embedded Technologies

The Artesyn Embedded Technologies ATCA-7480 blade is based on two Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 family processors providing the highest performance class with up to 28 processing cores per blade. Data paths to main memory and I/O are highly optimized by the use of DDR4 and PCIe Gen 3 protocol. The scalable memory capacity of up to 512GB is ideal for deep in-memory databases and look-up/routing tables. This will allow for shorter response times of database accesses, accelerated pattern matching and it can help optimize routing decisions in virtualized network environments.

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  • Two Intel® Xeon® processors,E5-2600 v3 familyƒƒ
  • Scalable performance range with up to 14 cores per processorƒ
  • Up to 512GB main memory, DDR4, configurable for highest capacity or cost effective memory configurationsƒƒ
  • Large scale on-board solid state storageƒƒ
  • QuadStarâ„¢ 40G fabric interfaces enabling multiple bandwidth and redundancy optionsƒƒ
  • Choice of network I/O options supporting 1, 10 and 40G interfacesƒ
  • Hardware off-loading functions for en/decryption and compression (optional)ƒƒ
  • Hot-swappable mass storage options and RAID 0/1 supportƒƒ
  • Suitable for open source and commercial Linux derivativesƒƒ
  • Virtualization support including Linux KVM and VMwareƒƒ
  • Intel DPDK readyƒƒ

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