By General Standards Corporation



  • 16 precision 3-wire balanced differential high-speed analog output channels
  • 16-bit resolution; D/A Converter per channel
  • 66 MHz PCI Bus support
  • Data rates to 440K samples per second per channel; 7.04 MSPS Aggregate Rate
  • Software-selectable output ranges of ±10 V, ±5 V, ±2.5 V, or ±1.25 V
  • Optional 2-Wire Single-Ended Analog Outputs
  • 256 K-Sample output data FIFO buffer; Configurable as open or circular
  • Simultaneous or sequential output clocking
  • Multiboard synchronization supported
  • Continuous and burst (one-shot) output modes support seamless waveform sequencing
  • Data rate controlled internally or externally, real-time rate adjustment supported
  • Software-Selectable Differential Clock I/O for Synchronizing Sigma-Delta A/D boards
  • High accuracy ensured by on-demand autocalibration of all channels
  • Remote ground sensing
  • Available on adapters for alternate form factors: PCI, CompactPCI, PC/104-Plus

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