By General Standards Corporation

32-bit parallel digital input board that samples input data (via the cable interface) at selectable rates


  • Can detect any Change-of-State and store the changed data word data in the on-board FIFO
  • Programmable and can generate an interrupt on the first detected change or upon any desired number of changes
  • Deep FIFO buffers (128 KB) allow data bursts to be transferred over the PCI bus independent of transfers over the cable
  • Change-of-State boards allow for more efficient monitoring of peripheral or industrial type devices (transducers, for example)
  • Can also be used in a (logic analyzer) type mode by storing up to 64,000 samples after receipt of a trigger word
  • FIFOs, DMA engine, PCI controller, differential receivers, and multiple status interrupts provides high bandwidth along with complete board control

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