PAS 9783/GEN

By Precision Analog Systems (PAS)

An eight-channel VME-based waveform generator for use in creating sine wave and square wave outputs

PAS 9783/GEN


  • Each of the eight channels contains a Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) device, employing a 32-bit phase accumulator, sine lookup table, and a 10-bit D/A converter
  • 2 MHz input clock frequency allows for a 30 KHz maximum output frequency with a resolution of 0.000465 Hz
  • Output amplitude is controlled with a multiplying D to A Converter (MDAC) per channel
  • Output voltage is programmable from 0 to ± 10 volts peak to peak, in 5 vM steps
  • TTL and 15 V open drain FET, square wave outputs are also provided on each channel
  • Channels can operate independently or can be synchronized within a module
  • Two phase select and two frequency select registers are provided for each channel
  • 6U by 160 mm board supports A16, A24, and A32 addressing and D16 data transfers
  • Two DB-37 female connectors at the front panel provide access to the eight sets of sine wave, TTL square wave, and high voltage square wave outputs

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