FlowPilot ATCA Platform Software

By Artesyn Embedded Technologies

FlowPilot(TM) software for the ATCA-F140, the Emerson Network Power high performance, high bandwidth 40G ATCA hub blade, adds packet forwarding techniques beyond standard built-in switching and routing protocol support. FlowPilot allows you to manage the switching hardware to achieve lowest latency, full wire speed packet, and flow context aware packet distribution to and from all processing blades in your AdvancedTCA platform.

FlowPilot ATCA Platform Software
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  • Balance traffic to multiple AdvancedTCA® blades for packet monitoring and processing
  • Maintain flow context and packet sequence
  • Fully transparent for external network elements
  • Separate traffic into application groups
  • Redundant 160G external Ethernet connectivity
  • 480Gbit/s internal bandwidth for packet processing

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