450/40 ATCA Family

By Schroff Pentair

Schroff® 450/40, AdvancedTCA family of systems, are designed to support today’s more powerful multi-core processors.

450/40 ATCA Family
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  • 19" chassis come in 2, 6, and 14-slot varieties
  • 40GBASE-KR4 (40G) capable backplanes
  • Available for both AC and DC applications
  • Cooling capacity of 400W per slot in the front and 50W per slot in the RTM achieved via push-pull cooling concept
  • Redundant fan trays with independent IPMI controllers; radial or bussed IPMI shelf management topology
  • Off-the-shelf, NEBS-ready chassis
  • Minimizes time-to-market for critical, high-availability applications

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