System Infrastructure SW Platform (SISP)

By OpenClovis

For using SISP in designing and implementing communication products and product platforms

System Infrastructure SW Platform (SISP)


  • Platform adaptation components help abstract platform-specific details from the applications and from other SISP components, thus increasing application portability and scalability across various platforms
  • Operating System Abstraction Layer (OSAL)
  • Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
  • Transport Object (TO)
  • Database Abstraction Layer (DBAL)
  • Infrastructure Core provides a completely distributed and hierarchical management operating environment, including: containers to manage run-time data, hierarchical state machine library, policy engine, Intelligent inter-Object Communication (IOC), Remote Method Dispatch (RMD), Distributed Event Management (DEM), and Clovis Object Registry (COR)
  • SISP components for system-management include: Boot Manager, Chassis Manager, Heart-beat Manager, Image Management Service and Upgrade Manager, Component Manager, Mediation Manager, Provisioning Manager, Performance Manager, Resource Manager, Alarm Manager, Fault Manager, Log management service, diagnostics, and debug management service
  • High availability management: Availability Manager, Group membership service, Redundancy Manager, Check-pointing service
  • ClovisWorks is a complementary set of suitable formodeling system resources to be managed, automatically generating object classes and files, running simulations, and generating test vectors

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