SelfReliant 4.0

By GoAhead Software

Supports AdvancedTCA platforms including Intel's NetStructure Chassis, Kontron's VHDS, Motorola's EndurX platform, Radisys' Promentum, and HP's Advanced Open Telecom Platform

SelfReliant 4.0


  • Includessupport for PICMG 2.16 platforms and PCI platforms such as the Augmentix A+ series
  • Supports RAID-1 running on the Linux md (multiple device) driver
  • SelfReliant MIB accessible via SNMP
  • Virtual IP addresses can be dynamically assigned and unassigned to the active resources in a system
  • Hot Swap Management
  • Built-in, extensible alarm management policies for both hardware and software resources that can be configured to match the overall system's alarm management policies
  • Central repository for all alarms allows users to create and delete their own alarms
  • Includes Administrative Node Shutdown

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