J6803A Distributed Network Analyzer PRO

By Agilent Technologies

Suitable for measuring and qualifying service performance, identifying root-cause of impairments, and troubleshooting on multiservice, multitechnology networks from any location


  • Local and distributed test capabilities for installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of next-generation networks
  • Incorporates a wide variety of access interfaces in a small portable platform with a wireless LAN user interface
  • Suitable for diagnosing network and services issues when turning up and optimizing networks
  • Supports HSDPA in mobile broadband networks
  • Video protocol analysis
  • Directly correlates VoIP voice quality with network impairments
  • Dispatched onsite testing
  • Unattended remote testing
  • Centralized troubleshooting
  • Web browser access, Instrument Manager, and network troubleshooting center

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