PAS 9819/AO

By Precision Analog Systems (PAS)

PAS 9819/AO
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  • A four-channel,6U, 16-bit isolated current output VME card
  • ±40 mA current output
  • Binary Twos Complement data format
  • DACs reset to zero during power up or software reset
  • Output signals terminate on a DB37 clnnector at the front panel
  • VME access: D32, D16, A32, A24, A16 Slave
  • No VME interrupts
  • VME SYSFAIL asserts on power up, jumper selectable
  • Board identifier PROM
  • Pass, fail, and access LEDs on the front panel
  • Simultaneous DAC update feature is program selectable
  • Loop back test registers allow verification of the VME bus interface
  • 32-bit VME interface allows two channels to be written with one transfer and provides twice the data transfer rate of 16-bit interfaces; 16-bit VME transfers are also supported
  • Each current output channel is powered by a separate, isolated ±30 V DC-to-DC converter
  • Data and control signals are transmitted through digital isolators
  • Operating temperature range of 0 °C to + 60 °C

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