By GE Intelligent Platforms, Inc.


  • Adapter for interconnecting a PCI I/O platform and a VMEbus system
  • Both can be a bus master on the other system
  • Memory mapped adapter enables the PCI I/O based platform to directly control VMEbus cards as though they were on the local PCI bus
  • VMEbus processor can access memory and I/O on the PCI computer
  • Consists of 2 cards
  • PCI bus card and a 6U VMEbus card
  • Interconnected with a round EMI shielded cable available in lengths to 25 feet
  • Supports PIO random read/writes using memory mapping
  • Up to 8 Mbytes of dual ported memory can be provided by a mezzanine that plugs into the VMEbus adapter
  • Interrupts can be exchanged between the 2 buses
  • Software support for Windows NT, UNIX, Sun, HP, SGI and IBM RISC workstations

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