OpenVPX GSC6201

By Mercury Systems

The Ensemble Series 6000 Dual AMD GPGPU OpenVPX GSC6201 module from Mercury Computer Systems Inc. delivers the defense industry’s highest-performing stream processing capability in a 6U VPX form factor.

OpenVPX GSC6201


  • Flexible, modular design expands the customer’s choice of GPGPU, allowing them to select the best GPGPU for their application
  • Balances the computational capabilities of AMD’s latest-generation Radeon HD 7970M embedded GPGPU with high-bandwidth I/O interfaces, providing a powerful and scalable computing architecture for high-end radar, electronic warfare, and image processing applications
  • Open industry-standard hardware technologies incorporated within the GSC6201 include OpenVPX for interoperability, extreme ruggedization for harsh environmental operation, and MXM graphics module technology for rapid tech refresh and performance upgrades

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