By Arcom Control Systems, Inc.



  • Rugged wireless edge router
  • Provides wireless connectivity for data to a wide range of devices in both fixed and mobile applications
  • Supports routing capabilities as well as standard Hayes compatible AT commands functioning as a modem in dial-up or dial-outmodes over PSTN (Public Switch Telephone Network) networks
  • Can be configured with a permanent public IP address viewable from the Internet supplying terminal server/clientfunctionality and routing techniques supported within the Linux kernel embedded on thelocal processor
  • Presents a secure path, if required, to dataassets utilizing both data encryption and authentication techniques for protection
  • Field equipment can be connected serially through a RS-232 or RS-485 local port or through Ethernet on the local RJ-45 port
  • Ethernet devices routed over the Nextel network viaNetwork Address Translation
  • Optional configuration with an internal GPS receiver for pinpointingits location
  • GPS data is available to applications or devices locally from theRS-232/485 COM port or RJ-45 Ethernet port or remotely over IEEE802.11b or over the Nextel network

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