By General Standards Corporation

The 6-channel analog input board provides high-density 24-bit analog input resources on a standard PC104-Plus module.


  • Low Phase Skew Typically less than 55ns with Fsig < 0.35*Fsamp
  • 110dB Dynamic Range to 100KSPS; 98 dB SINAD
  • 6 Differential 24-Bit Analog Input Channels
  • Delta-Sigma Converter per Channel, with Linear Phase Digital Anti-alias Filtering
  • Synchronous/Independent ADC Clocking; sample rates from 2-200 KSPS per Channel
  • Software-Compatible, and I/O Connector-Compatible with PC104P-24DSI12
  • 256 K-sample FIFO Buffer with DMA, Block-Mode and Demand-Mode Transfers
  • Internal Sample Rate Generators
  • Hardware Sync and Clock I/O for Multiboard Synchronization
  • Supports GPS Synchronization to a 1PPS Input

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