By General Standards Corporation



  • A bidirectional 32 bit I/O board
  • 100 MBps (max) input transfer rate via the front panel connector (RS-422/485 differential I/O transceivers)
  • 200 MBps input transfer rate via the front panel connector (Pseudo ECL I/O transceivers)
  • 132 Mbytes per second PMC transfer rate in burst mode
  • A single board can interface to a wide variety of external high-speed devices
  • "Deep FIFO buffers" (up to 512 Kbytes) allow data bursts to be transferred over the PMC bus independent of transfers over the cable
  • 32 bit data transfers on the PMC bus
  • Onboard cable controller, FIFOs, and DMA engine provide for continuous data transfer capability
  • Data input/output clock rate up to 25 MHz
  • Data input/output width of 32 bits
  • "Program-and-forget" DMA engine handles D32 transfers, also DMA Chaining
  • Interrupts available upon DMA-completion, FIFO status, cable status, frame-valid and line-valid
  • External interrupt input line
  • 7 bi-directional signals can be user defined and programmed by the factory to accommodate almost any handshaking protocol (Contact factory)

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