Application Platform 2.0 w/LynxSecure

By TransLattice

To make cloud computing more secure, TransLattice Application Platform 2.0 was ported onto the latest version of the LynxSecure separation kernel and hypervisor


  • Essentially LynuxWorks takes the concept of partitioning, which isolates individual applications into separate partitions so they are protected if another application is hit by a form of malware
  • The attacks are limited to a single partition
  • Communication between each partition is controlled by policies set by the system administrator and secured via another LynuxWorks tool called “LynxSecure,â€? which enables multiple guest operating systems and their applications to run securely on a single platform
  • The TransLattice Application Platform integrates physical appliances and cloud instances to create a network of distributed computing resources for running enterprise applications
  • Within the new solution, versions of the TransLattice platform reside in the LynxSecure partitions on a single hardware platform
  • This can be implemented for different classification levels for applications and data, or for multiple departments or entities that share a single cloud infrastructure

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