AdvancedTCA Load Boards

By Comtel Electronics GmbH

The load board is available either as a simple power and air-load panel or as an intelligent load with power control and temperature and airflow sensors

AdvancedTCA Load Boards


  • Main board and RTM are supplied singly
  • To allow the load boards to be used to model existing and planned AdvancedTCA board product dissipations the loads are separated into six heating zones on the main board, and two zones on the RTM
  • The default air-blockers fitted to both main and RTM boards maintains an even 30% opening
  • Air-blocks for 25%, 40% and 50% openings are available. Airflow will be turbulent
  • The load board controls each of the six main board zones through front panel switches
  • Each zone dissipates a nominal 35W
  • The RTM has two switch controlled zones each of 10W
  • The total dissipation of the front board is limited by software to 225 Watts. Power is provided independently to each of six zones
  • Each zone can be set to a value between 0to 51.2 W in 100mW increments
  • The total power dissipation of the RTM can be set to up to 35W watts
  • Note: this power is taken from the front board
  • Power is provided to each of two zones
  • Each zone can be set to a value between 0 to 25.6 W in 50mW increments

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