PAS 9782/GEN

By Precision Analog Systems (PAS)


  • 8 Channel Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) WaveformGenerator
  • Each channel provides sine wave, TTL square wave and open drainFET outputs
  • Programmable Gain Amplifier per channel provides sine wave outputof +/- 10V, +/- 5V, +/- 2V or +/- 1 Volt peak to peak
  • Output frequency is controlled by a 32 bit frequency register;each channel provides an independent frequency register
  • Output frequency is set by the following equation: F(out) = F register value x 2 MHz divided by 2^32
  • Output phase is controlled by 2 each 12 bit phase offset registers;each channel provides two independent phase offset registers
  • All channels are clocked by a common 2 MHz crystal controlled oscillator
  • Sine wave output amplifiers provide a low pass filter with a 3dBcorner frequency of 300 KHz
  • VME 6U form factor, 233mm x 160mm card size
  • VME access: A32, A24, A16; D16 slave – No VME interrupts
  • Board also provides ID code (VMEIDPAS9782GENA), control and status register and 2 status LEDs
  • Operating temperature range 0 to 60 deg. C
  • Custom version available upon request

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