Eclipse Wireless Network Transmission System

By Stratex Networks, Inc.


  • Ascalable, nodal wireless transmission system
  • Serves backhaul and access applications that had been provided by point-to-point microwave radios
  • Enables wireless network node configurations in the smallest form factor available, supporting up to six independent radio traffic paths from a compact and highly modular Intelligent Node Unit (INU)
  • An integral high speed TDM bus architecture enables traffic routing between traffic paths by software without local cabling
  • Available in frequency bands from 5 to 38 GHz
  • Incorporates SuperPDH networking to provide scalable capacity with selectable modulation, incrementally from 4x E1/T1 up to 64x E1 or 84x T1, all under software control
  • Supports 10/100Base-T Ethernet transport with scalable bandwidth assignment, Nx E3/DS3, and STM-1/OC-3 capacities either as initially installed or upgradable later
  • SuperPDH networking allows operators to deploy low- to high-speed PDH networks with built-in self-healing ring switching and circuit management capability, without having to introduce SDH/SONET solely to increase network capacity
  • Liquid Bandwidth feature allows the simultaneous transmission of 10/100Base-T Ethernet together with NxE1/DS1 TDM traffic, with scalable capacity
  • Quality of service controls create a flexible solutionfor the high-speed transport of enterprise data applications, backhaul of IEEE 802.xx base stations, and support for next-generation mobile network migration to all-IP infrastructure
  • Includes Web-based deployment, operation, and maintenance tools for both the technician and operations center controller

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